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wooden climbing holds
  • Stefan

    Stefan is a slopy pinch with a negativ angle of 10° on the one side and 0° on the other. Due to his round shape, he lies perfectly in your hand and helps you to build up proper pinch strength! Most of the people say that is pretty hard to hold on at 45°, but that is what we are training for!



    The wood structure may differ from the sample image!

    • Find your difficulty

      Difficulty 5c - 6b 6b - 7a 7a - 7c 7c - 8a
      0° - 20°


      20°- 40°   X X  
      40° - 60°     X X
    • Screw-on

      If you choose "Screw-on", your climbing holds will be prepared for mounting with wood screws. All required fasteners (washers and screws) are included in the price!

    • Bolt-on

      If you choose "Bolt-on", your climbing holds are prepared for mounting with fine-thread screws (M10). The required washers are included in the price. There are no fine-thread screws (M10) included!

    Sales Tax Included
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