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Effective, versatile and sustainable is what we call our wooden holds that will put a smile on your face like no other.
Rocklike by Handfest gives you the opportunity to recreate real climbing and boulder routs on your homewall. Each set includes unique holds and footholds inspired by rock structures which set no limits to your imagination. Forget the "feet follow hand" philosophy and look forward to a workout which takes your climbing to the next level!
Now it's all about building a wall, screwing the holds on and start climbing!

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How it works

Each route is unique and has special holds which make it unmistakable. Such holds are recreated in the RockLike series and offer you the chance to challenge yourself, train your fingers and improve your technique. In order to authentically recreate the boulder problems, a mounting description is included in each set of the RockLike series. The difficulty, the wall angle and the hold type can be seen online and in the description.

We welcome pictures and videos of RockLike routes screwed and climbed. Have fun, train properly and share your results with us!  

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