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What makes us different?

"At Handfest we believe that climbing is one of the most amazing and natural sports that humanity has to offer."


Handfest was made by passionate climbers with the goal to offer you the training success you desire!

We love what we do! 

Sustainability is important to us!

All our products are handmade in Austria and produced in the most sustainable way.


Take the advantage of the material wood!

All our holds are optimized in terms of ergonomics. Train safely with a lower risk of injury.

Skin friendly, sustainable and efficient are only a few advantages of our products!

Inspired by real rock structures!

Our products are inspired by nature. That means you are training as close to your real project as possible.


Explore our WoodLike selection and filter between hold type, wall angle and difficulty to find the perfect choice for you!


Let us work together!

Each of us is different. Let us help you to find the perfect wooden training solution for you!

Take your training to the next level

Let us help you to find your training solution!

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