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Kletterer mit Handfest-Shirt in Spanien


for wooden climbing holds

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  • Which materials are the HandFest climbing holds made of?
    Handfest uses local wood species and emphasises monolithic processing to ensure the recyclability of the material.
  • What do i need to install the climbing holds?
    If you have a textured wall, all you need to install your holds are fine-thread-screws (M10). If your wall is sanded and slipery you will need an extra srew to prevent rotation. Washers will be included in the package if you order by Handfest. If you need a specific way to fix the hold on the wall, let us know so we can meet your requirements
  • How do i install the climbing holds?
    Most of the holds can be fixed with fine-thread-screws (M10). Therefor you just need an allen key and a little bit of power. For holds like "Jimmy" you need standard screws. But be carefull! Wood is a soft and sensitive material and needs a steady hand. What i mean with that: "Please don´t screw through the hold", thanks.
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