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Klettergriffe aus Holz
  • Jacopo

    Jacopo is our solution for all the crimp lovers in our comunity! Steep overhangs and dynamic movements are the areas where he feels the most comfortable. With a lenght of 200mm and a gripping surface of 15mm (60° incut) Jacopo likes to be on a wall angle above 35°.


    The wood structure may differ from the sample image!

    • Find your difficulty

      Difficulty 5c - 6b 6b - 7a 7a - 7c 7c - 8a
      0° - 20°


      20°- 40° X X    
      40° - 60° X X X X
    • Screw-on

      If you choose "Screw-on", your climbing holds will be prepared for mounting with wood screws. All required fasteners (washers and screws) are included in the price!

    • Bolt-on

      If you choose "Bolt-on", your climbing holds are prepared for mounting with fine-thread screws (M10). The required washers are included in the price. There are no fine-thread screws (M10) included!

    Sales Tax Included
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