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Crimp Selection

Crimp Selection

Our Crimp Selection  includes all of the crimps from our woodlike collection, offering a diverse range of challenges for climbers of all levels. These holds are perfect for those seeking a unique and challenging workout, as they require skill and strength to master. Upgrade your climbing game with our Crimp Selection package.


  • 14 holds in total
  • 7 different shapes
  • only Crimps!


The picture in the product description is only a sample picture and does not show the complete set!

  • Notes

    Wood is a natural material. Therefore differences in the structure of the wood as well as in the colour can occur!

  • Screw-on

    If you choose "Screw-on", your climbing holds will be prepared for mounting with wood screws. All required fasteners (washers and screws) are included in the price!

  • Bolt-on

    If you choose "Bolt-on", your climbing holds are prepared for mounting with fine-thread screws (M10). The required washers are included in the price. There are no fine-thread screws (M10) included!

€230.00 Regular Price
€195.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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